Artesian Water Abstraction Borehole for United Utilities

Summer saw the successful completion of the drilling and test pumping of a large diameter artesian water abstraction boreholes for United Utilities to assist with the photo (5)enabling works for some extensive ground works.

Drilling started with 1000mm diameter, with drilling continuing to a finished depth of 80m, with installation of 15m of 450mm diameter permanent steel lining tubes grouted into place.  

The borehole was particularly interesting as the artesian flow was encountered at approximately 2m bgl, with flows having to be controlled very carefully to avoid nearby watercourses.   

Test pumping was carried out for a period of 4 days at a rates of 80m3/hour using a Grundfos borehole pump, and super silenced generators fitted with acoustic canopy to avoid disturbing the nearby residential area. 

The works started on 1st July 2013, and the site was cleared and handed back to United Utilities by 31st July 2013.

Our Soilmec rig was utilised in installing the surface casing, and the continuation of the drilling works with the Drilltech rotary drilling rig.

Surface tanks were used to ensure that all fines were removed from drilling water to ensure no drilling debris entered the water course within 10m of the works.  

Another successful installation for United Utilities 🙂