Water Well Drilling Contractors

Well Drilling Contractors/ Waterwell Engineering

Sinking of Water Supply Boreholes

Our experience and capability extends to:

  • Drilling new water supply boreholes from 150mm (6″) to 1050mm (42″) diameter to depths of up to 1000m.
  • As Specialist Well Drilling Contractors, we handle contracts and work on boreholes for many different sectors including domestic, industrial, commercial, agricultural, water and energy (geothermal).
  • Providing full turnkey systems on new installations from initial feasibility study through drilling and test pumping to connecting and commissioning the system. This includes completing all the Astraction Licencing documentation required by the Environment Agency.

The ‘projects’ section details the variety and type of work that has been undertaken by the company.

Note – Cable Tool Drilling

Cable tool drilling can achieve a verticality of better than 1 in 300. This exceeds the Environment Agency and most Water Authority standards ( 1 in 100) and is an invaluable method of drilling if site constraints dictate.

Drilling Rigs & Equipment

We hold and employ a large array of drilling rigs including:-

  • 2no. Drilltech DK25KW rotary drilling rigs with built in compressor
  • 1no. Schramm T685DHH rotary drilling rig with built in compressor
  • 1no. Failing 1500 rotary drilling rig
  • 1no. Mayhew 1000 rotary drilling rig
  • 3no. Mayhew 1000 rotary drilling rigs
  • 5no. Rushton Bucyrus 60RL cable tool drilling rigs
  • 1no. Bucyrus Eyre 36L cable tool drilling rig
  • 2no. Rushton Bucyrus 22RW cable tool drilling rigs
  • 1no. Sykes No: 5 piling winch
  • 1no. portable rotary rig capacity of drilling upto 300mm diameter
  • Mobile tracked crane, and mobile cranes upto 25tonne
  • Mobile generating sets upto 300kva
  • Mobile compressors upto 750psi

Methodology – we employ cable tool, rotary mud/polymer, air and water flush, and reverse circulation systems where necessary.

Some of the equipment can be viewed on our ‘gallery’ page.

Stainless Steel & Copper Screens

Where necessary we include the installation of stainless steel or copper screens.

We can fabricate copper screens up to 200mm diameter.

Where applicable filter media can be installed behind the screen.