Test Pumping

JP Whitter (Waterwell Engineers) Ltd has the experience and capability to provide the following test pumping services and equipment:

  • Constant rate test pumping and step testing programmes on newly constructed boreholes and existing sources.
  • An in-house capability to test up to a capacity of 500m3/hour.
  • Stock including an extensive range of test pumps, ranging from 1m3/hour to 500m3/hour, rising mains, drop cable and starter/control panels.
  • Test pumps complete with run and standby generators each automatically connected to its associated, bunded, fuel tank.
  • Weir tanks of varying configurations and capacities complete with either ‘V’ notch or ‘rectangular’ notch fixings.
  • Weir tanks with the provision to house data logging equipment for recording the flow rates for the duration of the test.
  • Discharge pipe work ranging from 3″ up to 8″ diameter in lengths of up to 500m including all necessary pipe and head works.
  • Discharge pipe work, flow meters, sample taps, gate valves and surface pumps.
  • Ultra sonic flow meter to measure the yield of the borehole.
  • Head works complete with two dip tubes, one to house a data logger to digitally collect the data on the water level during the test the other to enable the manually recording of the water level using a dip meter.
  • Constant rate test pumping for any duration. This will be manned 24/7 by our own staff.
  • A full range of data logging equipment including data loggers to monitor water level, conductivity and temperature. These are provided with cable lengths of 150m.
  • Instrumentation to monitor the condition of the discharged water from the borehole for sand content, temperature, conductivity and PH
  • A full range of manual  equipment for monitoring multiple test pumps.

All test pumping is carried out to BS6316