Cleaning/Remedial work

Borehole Cleaning & Remedial Work

Remedial works are performed in order to extend the life of the source, bring a source back into production, increase productivity, improve water quality or all of the above.

We have carried out extensive remedial works including the repair, re-lining and cleaning of  boreholes.

Remediation options depend on a number of factors including:

  • The physical location of the existing borehole and its surrounding infrastructure
  • Its age and the time since it was last used
  • Its diameter and depth
  • The condition of the existing lining tubes
  • The reason for the  decline in yield
  • An increase in water requirements from the end user
  • The reason for any changes in water quality
  • The type of obstruction – either breached or foreign objects dropped into borehole

We have an extensive array of in-house remediation equipment and have managed:

  • Boreholes located inside buildings or in difficult locations
  • Any diameter of borehole, including shafts and wells
  • Re-lining works to existing boreholes using slotted or plain steel lining tubes to BS879
  • Removal of obstructions and recovery of foreign objects from boreholes.

Our fabrication facility can manufacture specialist recovery tools if required.

Boreholes can be cleaned using either electrically driven or mechanically linked drilling rigs.

Our in-house air lifting equipment, including compressors, can provide air lift capacities up to 10″ diameter giving flows up to 600m3/hour.

We have patented an innovative cleaning method for water supply boreholes. This has been researched and  successful trialed on a number of boreholes in Warrington. Research is continuing in conjunction with Newcastle University.

This process allows cleaning to be undertaken without leaving any highly toxic chemical waste making it an extremely environmentally friendly and a very successful and effective method of cleaning.

See the links to ‘gallery’ and ‘projects’  for a range of examples.