Manchester University Birley Fields

Drilling and extensive test pumping of three geothermal boreholes for Manchester University at the new Birley fields development. All three boreholes drilled to 450mm finished diameter using cable tool machines due to the close proximity to  domestic dwellings and shops around Manchester city centre. Test pumping carried out on each source for 7 day duration at rates of […]

Manchester University Business School

Drilling and extensive test pumping of three geothermal boreholes at the new Manchester business school development. Drilling of boreholes to a finished diameter of 300mm and to depths of 100m. Test pumping carried out at rates of 100m3/hour on all sources, including step testing and re-charge testing.

Princess St – Manchester

2no. 450mm diameter boreholes depth 90m each, extensive test pump and re-charge testing carried out on the boreholes. Site constraints were extremely difficult being a city centre site, adjacent to the canal, with limited space available to all contractors working on the site.

Manchester Civil Justice Centre – Manchester

Cleaning out of boreholes, drilling boreholes deeper. Access was extremely difficult, as the foundations for the building were under way, the drilling rig had to be lifted onto site using the tower crane. Completion of extensive test pumping of the boreholes. Installation of permanent pumping equipment. Construction of various observation boreholes around the site 150mm diameter. […]

Edge Hill College – Ormskirk

2no. 400mm diameter boreholes to depths of 100m each. These boreholes formed part of the largest geothermal scheme in Europe. Each borehole test pumped at a rate of 125m3/hour with extensive monitoring carried out of other sources off site. Permanent pumping equipment installed in one borehole and the necessary re-charge pipe work installed in the second […]