Artesian Water Supply Borehole United Utilities

August 2013 – Drilling of the abstraction borehole for United Utilities. The borehole was required in order to serve as the pumping well in the enabling works for other site operations.   Drilling started off with 1400mm diameter to ensure that the borehole could be advanced through the overburden and peet layer expected at approximately […]

Network Rail – Mersey Loop Drainage Tunnel Scheme Wilo-Emu Pump Installation

After all these years, we are still carrying out works on the abstraction boreholes on the Mersey Loop Drainage Tunnel, now under Network Rail. 2013 has seen ourselves have to become Link-Up Verified with the Achilles system to enable ourselves to continue to carry out works on the Network Rail system. The pass which was achieved […]

Artesian Water Abstraction Borehole for United Utilities

Summer saw the successful completion of the drilling and test pumping of a large diameter artesian water abstraction boreholes for United Utilities to assist with the enabling works for some extensive ground works. Drilling started with 1000mm diameter, with drilling continuing to a finished depth of 80m, with installation of 15m of 450mm diameter permanent steel lining tubes grouted into place.   The borehole […]