Mr Forshaw, Tarleton, Near Preston

2no. 300mm finished diameter boreholes to 100m each with permanent pumping equipment, test pumping carried out, and abstraction licence application.

Mr Bourne – Shropshire

Irrigation borehole finished diameter 375mm depth 120m. Constant rate test pumping carried out. Permanent pumping equipment installed.

Mr Coxhead – Leyland

Irrigation borehole finished diameter 200mm installation of 200mm diameter stainless steel screen. Extensive test pumping carried out, and permanent pumping equipment installed. Abstraction licence application.

Mushroom grower Lancaster

Borehole drilled to a finished diameter 200mm to 60m depth for irrigation of mushrooms. Permanent pumping equipment installed.

C Brown – Shropshire

2no. Irrigation boreholes with finished diameters of 400mm to depths of 100m – 120m. Extensive test pumping carried out and abstraction licence application. Permanent pumping equipment installed.