Severn Trent Water – Manton

Production borehole drilled to a finished diameter of 1005mm and to a depth 85m. Completion of a 28 day constant rate test pumping at a rate of 450m3/hour with 24hr monitoring.

Working Quarry North Wales

Borehole drilled to a finished diameter of 350mm and to a depth of 200m, permanent pumping equipment and pipe work installation.

Laundry Network Various Sites UK

Various sites through out the UK. Boreholes finished diameter between 250mm – 350mm. Permanent pumping equipment and abstraction licence applications.

Mitzvah under construction Manchester

Borehole drilled with a finished diameter of 300mm to a depth of 120m, lined to 60m with plastic casing. The borehole was constructed exactly to a specification adapted to the Jewish faith. No steel or welding carried out on these works. The borehole to be used to supply bathing water during the relgious ceremonies.

Warrington Wolves The Halliwell Jones Stadium

Drilling of a borehole to 60m with a finished diameter of 300mm. Completion of constant rate test pumping of completed borehole. Installation of permanent pumping equipment. Abstraction licence application. Borehole drilled within the stadium on the edge of the pitch using Drilltech D25KW rotary drilling rig. Borehole required for use in the stadium and some […]

Major Housing Development Manchester

Locating of 375mm borehole, cleaning out, recovering borehole pump and other items, air lift test, and 28 day constant rate test pumping. The developers of the site are now considering using the borehole to supply the development.

Chemical Company Manchester

Locating existing borehole, pump testing, modifications to headworks, installation of permanent pumping equipment and extensive control panel.

Leisure Park Norfolk

Re-sizing of existing borehole pumps, alterations to head works, replacing of rising mains.

Bottled Water Company Cumbria

Borehole inside building, wire brushing existing borehole, re-gravelling behind the screen and treating and sterilising.

Chemical Company Stoke on Trent

Removing broken piece of lining tube, and replacing the lining tube, clean out debris in borehole, re-install permanent pump.