D Lippiatt, Maintenance & Resource Manager, Dalkia Utilities

“JP Whitter have provided Dalkia with an excellent service over a  period of more 10 years with there help and assistance in the operating  and maintenance of our borewell  which we use as cooling water to  provide a constant flow of 400m3 per hour. There help and assistance in  new projects with our existing customers […]

Tommy Lunt, Chief Eng, Laundry, Merseyside

“As part of my duties as chief engineer I frequently deal with  contractors,so when our borehole pump failed I needed a contractor who could react quickly efficiently and who was competitive, J. P. Whitter  had us up and running again within 24 hrs, their hard working  staff are a credit to their company.”

United Utilities – South Egremont Borehole Scheme, Egremont, Cumbria

JP Whitter (Water Well Engineers) Ltd are pleased to announce the successful completion of the South Egremont Borehole Scheme. Five production boreholes were drilled for United Utilities, together with two observation boreholes. Drilling commenced with diameters upto 1200mm (48″) diameter, using temporary casings.   The boreholes were 600mm (24″) finished diameter and to depths of upto […]

United Utilities Contract – South Egremont Boreholes

JP Whitter (Waterwell Engineers) Ltd is pleased to announce it has won the prestigious South Egremont borehole scheme for United Utilites to drill 4/5 24″ diameter finished boreholes to a depth of 120 meters into the St Bees sandstone.